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THE MICRO SCHOOL ENVIRONMENT ENABLES A UNIQUELY PERSONALIZED LEARNING EXPERIENCE FOR EACH CHILD. We believe all learners have the right to an outstanding education; therefore, we do not believe in a one size fits all model. We hold learners to high expectations for academic, social, emotional and personal growth while providing individualized support to meet each child’s needs.

Studio sizes range from 10 - 15 learners with both an expert lead guide and an apprentice guide. This allows guides to spend more time with individual learners and develop each child’s confidence in a safe, nurturing and supportive environment.

Each learner has a personal learning plan and a portfolio to continually monitor progress and set new personalized goals.


Multi-age (Mixed age group) exploration rooms ensure that all learners are supported and challenged at their individual level – not just at grade level norms.

Our intentional multi-age model places learners in studios that span two to three traditional grade levels. This environment allows all learners the opportunity to be both mentored by peers and serve as a leader/guide in the studios.

Multi-age exploration rooms have a significant positive effect on children’s prosocial behaviors, result in fewer learners who experience social isolation, and witness significantly less aggressive and negative behaviors.

In addition, guides spend more than one year with each learner allowing guides to really know each individual child inside and out. This strengthens the guide-learner relationship which is essential for learners’ success.


Learning at APS-Microschool is hands-on and inquiry-based giving children the support, resources and time to tinker, create, innovate, problem solve and develop their passions.

APS-Microschool recognizes that in order to tackle the big issues in forth coming years, learners also need creativity, critical thinking, analytical and problem solving skills.


APS-Microschool is also keen on inquiry-based learning. All learners spend long blocks of time in our Innovate Space. Using annual themes and essential questions, guides carefully design interdisciplinary units that focus on STEAM (science, technology, engineering, art and math) and the social sciences.

This favours learners and guides to become deeply engaged in their work. In addition to mastering grade level content during a dedicated math block, learners are able to continue to hone their math skills in exciting real world applications during inquiry block.


Empowered by the introduction of different content, skills and resources, learners spend a significant portion of learning on “enterprising projects.” These highly engaging and motivating projects allow learners to put their research, academic, collaboration, and entrepreneurial skills to real life application.

Guides serve as facilitators by sparking the imagination of learners and giving them the tools to meet their individual goals.


PS-Microschool we strongly believe that when learners are given the appropriate amount of time for physical play in nature (or factitious), they are better prepared to learn in the studios.

Learners are provided an outdoor environment that challenges them to take risks, cultivates their imagination, allows them to study nature and perform experiments, strengthens their gross and fine motor skills, and develops social emotional skills.

Guides continually improve the outdoor environment, support and scaffold learners to help master these skills.