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We are social animals. We are naturally inclined to connect with people who are like us, similar values, interests, belief systems and we thrive in that environment. That’s where we share, we learn and we teach each other. We learn and grow with each other, together as a tribe. And when we find our tribe exciting journey begins. Finding a tribe is the second key for your child’s education journey

APS- Microschool gives the personalized space for your child to connect deeply, meaningfully and to create “deep immersions”. Deep immersions are powerful, they are highly inspiring, fun, exciting moments that your child will experience. The deep immersions can be experienced by your child when they are with their tribe and go deep into a particular topic for a very short period of time which creates lasting memories.

This is what we do in our studio- we call them as studios. Your child’s deep immersions are extremely important and it’s the third key for your child’s education journey.

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