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Our Guides (Educators) drive to excellence by the unique passions and talents. Our guide’s commitment is to provide each of those learners with the means necessary to discover their own personal potential and to grow in their sense of self as they understand their abilities to be lifelong learners and changers of the world.

Our guides prepare our learners to pursue their passions and their creativity through a blending of state-of-the-art software, quest-like projects with real-world applications, Socratic discussions and apprenticeships in diverse, learner-centered studios, multi-age exploration rooms.

The Correspondent

The Correspondent is responsible for the culture, community, and success of each individual school. They set the academic vision for the school, support professional growth for other guides, and work directly with your child as a master guide.


Our guides focus on a deep personal understanding of your child and the studio community, ensuring that each learner feels engaged, known, respected, and appreciated. They also provide a specialization for project-based learning arcs and core skills.

Personalization Leads

Personalization Leads work with your child to provide targeted instruction and tailored social-emotional and sensory learning recommendations. They coach guides on instructional planning and strategies to meet the unique needs of individual learners.

Operations and Innovation Lead

The School Operations and Innovation Lead manages the logistical and functional operations of each school, including before- and after-school programs and field trips.